Friday, October 18, 2019

Grouping for the Love of the Nineteenth Century

Facebook Groups are all the rage for a variety of organizations, but readers and authors are also using them to connect and share their love of books. Here are a few you might not know about, related to romances from our beloved nineteenth century.

I am delighted to join with Gail Eastwood, Charlotte Henry, Mary Kingswood, Anna St. Clair, Martine Roberts, Catherine Tinley, and Lynn Winchester to share sweet Regency-set romances with readers. Our patroness, Lady Catherine, hosts an author a week, with special guests, games, reviews of Regency novels, and historical tidbits. We are planning a big party for Twelfth Night in January. Come join us!

Sponsored by the Regency Special Interest Chapter of Romance Writers of America, this Facebook group is a diverse collection of readers and authors who all have a love of the Regency Era. The purpose of the group is to celebrate quality in the subgenre and the efforts of the authors who write the stories we love to read. Many Regency romance authors announce their new releases here.

This is an open page for all readers, writers, and aspiring writers of Jane Austen and Regency-inspired fiction. All are welcome to discuss their favorite Austen works and variations, and any original stories in the works.

Love more than the nineteenth century? This book club looks across historical romance set in any time period or location, whether recently published or older.

Prefer your romances connected to Jane Austen? This group is for Jane Austen Fan Fiction authors and readers to share new and newly discovered books to love.

If you know of others, please post them! There’s something magical about connecting with other readers who share your passion!


QNPoohBear said...

I don't do Facebook but I know Jane Austen in Boston is on Facebook.

Regina Scott said...

Nice! Thanks, QNPoohBear!