Friday, October 4, 2019

More Popcorn!

On this fall Friday, I offer you two entertainments, so gather your popcorn and settle in.

The first is at Novel PASTimes, where the charming Ben Coleridge, hero of A Distance Too Grand, is being interviewed. I picture Chris Pine whenever I think of Ben. 😊

And what’s a good book without a good book trailer? I don’t have Marissa’s artistic eye, alas, so I was very glad when my publisher offered to make me a trailer for A Distance Too Grand.

Enjoy! And have some popcorn for me.

Here are those links, one more time:

Baker Publishing Group
Barnes and Noble 
Apple Books
Christian Book
The Book Depository, free shipping worldwide


QNPoohBear said...

Pretty trailer! The Grand Canyon speaks for itself. Congrats on the book launch!

Regina Scott said...

Thank you, QNPoohBear! I agree--you can't get more photogenic than the Grand Canyon!